Here’s to 2017!

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It’s January, 2017.  Two thousand seventeen.  This is the second year for this blog, and although the post schedule isn’t predictable, it’s driven by the wonderful opportunities I’ve chased to shoot interesting people, places, and things.

In 2016, I shot fewer shows after accepting a promotion at my day job which had me traveling more than ever.  I still saw my fair share of shows, and made friends across the country.  More importantly, I discovered things I’d never seen before that are going to shape 2017.

They say the best camera for the job is the one you have with you, so I’m working on being less fickle about using my cell phone to shoot.  I still prefer the big gear, but habits are made to be broken, right?  Goal two for the year is to have a booth at a juried art show, which means building a larger portfolio of shots that aren’t in the concert pit.  I’m not giving up the pit, but I’m venturing to other places and have built a photography bucket list.  Someone once told me that you’re more likely to accomplish a goal if you write it down.  Let’s see if it works.  Here’s my 2017 photo bucket list.

  • Concerts!!!! – Of course, concerts! This is what I do most (and best).  My want list/wish list/bucket list for concerts is HUGE – but I’m still hoping for a YES from Suicidal Tendencies/Crowbar/Havok that’s coming up soon.  Cross your fingers!  And I’m trying to make things line up for a festival this spring, as well.
  • The Northern Lights – Although the best places to shoot the captivating and somewhat elusive Aurora Borealis is reported to be Iceland or Finland, I’m keeping my first attempt closer to home and venturing to the Torrance Barrens Night Sky Preserve near Gravenhurst, Ontario. Torrance Barrens is a few short hours north of Toronto and isolated enough from man-made lights to provide excellent opportunities to see and shoot the stars, astronomical phenomenon, and atmospheric events.
  • Volcanoes – What better way to see a lot of things at once, than to go where they all are? This year holds a trip to Hawaii; my first trip to our fiftieth state, and ticking the box on one of the two states I haven’t visited yet.  Bigger though, is the opportunity to shoot volcanoes, lava, coral gardens, whales, and things I haven’t yet discovered that all reside just a few hours off the coast of our contiguous 48 states.
  • Horses! – Specifically, ponies. Those wonderful little ponies of Assateague Island near Chincoteague Island, Virginia.  I first learned of the wild pony herds of Assateague Island when I was a little girl and read Margaret Henry’s book, “Misty of Chincoteague.”  Every year in early summer, the Saltwater Cowboys swim the herd across the channel to have them checked for good health and to auction some of the foals.  This helps to ensure that the herd stays healthy and to control its size.  Proceeds from the sale support the cost of the grazing permits on their island, other care the herd requires, and one other local charity named each year. 
  • Cherry Blossoms – Where else, but Washington, D. C.? I’ve been to D. C., a few times, but I’ve never been there in the spring to shoot the cherry blossoms.  I have one life, better to live it than let it pass by, so a weekend in Washington seems appropriate.
  • Niagara Falls – but in winter. The first time I ever visited the falls, it was late winter and the ice formations on the falls were beautiful.  On that visit, I had four small children and no camera.  Now, I’d like to relive that visit in photos.  Hopefully, I’ll get to shoot from both sides of the falls and on the bridge, too. 
  • Compete – This year I want to push myself to more exposure of my images and improving my skills. Since I’m a bit competitive, it only makes sense to put myself out there and start entering my work into some competitions, then take what I learn to improve.
  • Art Shows – Until I launched this website in late 2014, I’d always kept my photography to myself. Going public has been liberating and confidence building.  Now, it’s time to ease into the next discomfort-zone.  During 2017, I want to participate in an art show with my images. 

As new things happen in my world, I’ll share it with the rest of the world.  Hope to see you at a concert, an event, or an art show soon.

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