The Year of Intent

This year I decided to live with intent.  I intend to live my passion.  I intend to be successful.  I intend to realize my dreams – every teeny one.  It’s a journey, right?  I intend to make it spectacular.  What better way to kick off spectacular than with Aurora Borealis? 

I kicked off the year and headed for Canada; specifically, a place called Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve.  It’s a few hours north of Toronto, and sits just on the edge of Ovation Prime.  The plan was for myself and my friend, Heffalump, to sit in the cold and dark away from the light pollution and watch the Northern Lights dance across the skies.  Mother Nature, however, wasn’t in the mood.  The weather turned cold, dreary, and an odd combination of snow and rain nearly every day I was there.

What’s a traveling photographer to do?  Be intentional, of course.  I was, after all, near Toronto with another photographer.  We did what all photographers would do; we geared up and created our own adventure.  One Body, One Lens became the rule every day as we forced ourselves to optimize every shot with the gear we had in our hands.  Six days of varying combinations of body and lens, different scenery, and some of the randomness that comes with travel hiccups.

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