Find Your Senior Style Quiz

No one wants their Senior Photos be just one of the crowd.   I’m also pretty sure no one wants their Senior Portrait to show up in one of those lists of awful photos, either.  Wouldn’t you rather have a Senior Portrait that goes viral because it’s you doing something epic, and not because you’re the next big meme?

Senior Portraits are meant to capture the essence of who you are as you graduate high school and head out into the next stage of your life journey.  Whether you choose to go straight to college or travel the world, you’ll have your own style of getting things done. 

Check out our Senior Style Quiz to figure out what style you’ll be channeling when you pose for your Senior Portraits. 

When you’re selecting a photographer for your Senior Portraits, make sure you choose a professional who will listen to who you are and what you find important.  Here at You’re On Film! Photography, we pride ourselves in creating timeless art with your Senior Portrait.  Check out our Senior Model Program to earn photo credits, referral bonuses, and entries to our year-end giveaway. 

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