Our pets are part of our families and it’s only natural to want to preserve their lives and personalities in photos.  Let us spend some time with you and your special pet to capture those special moments.  I’m an animal lover familiar with dogs and cats, so bring on the toys, and let’s play during the session in order to catch the best photos of your domesticated pets.

Pet sessions are only booked on weekends, and take approximately 1-2 hours.  Packages start at $300, and include:

  • The photo session
  • Private online gallery for previewing the photos
  • Photo album or book
  • Additional pets that live in the same household can be included for $50 per pet


For pet families with more exotic pets, such as spiders, scorpions, snakes or reptiles, there are no restrictions to the types of non-poisonous pets we’ll photograph, but please don’t ask me to touch or hold them unless I volunteer.  I don’t have experience with owning these kind of pets and prefer to let you handle the posing of exotics with some direction to ensure that your pet is calm, happy, and in an environment that is familiar and safe.


If you are the proud pet-parent of a rescue pet adopted through any charitable organization, You’re On Film! Photography will donate 5% of your total purchase to the organization where your adoption was handled. If the organization where your adoption was handled is no longer in business or is no longer a charitable organization, You’re On Film! Photography may elect to make this donation to another charitable pet-rescue organization at their sole discretion.