Releases & Extended Agreements

The Releases on this page do not apply to You’re On Film! Photography clients who book photo sessions with our photographers.


For editorial and stock photography work, You’re On Film! Photography requires model and property releases when the model or architecture is clearly recognizable.  Please find our standard releases available for download below.


YOF Photographic Release_Model Full
YOF Photographic Release_Model Short Form
YOF Photographic Release_Pocket Version

These releases are the standards used for models over the age of eighteen (18) who are in the stock photos galleries.  The Pocket Version release is typically carried by You’re On Film! Photography photographers to ensure

YOF Photographic Release_Model Minor Child

This release is the standard used for models under the age of eighteen (18) who are in the stock photo galleries as authorized by their parent or legal guardians.

YOF Photographic Release_Portfolio Release

This release is used for models and/or clients who permit their Images to be used as part of the Artist’s portfolio either in print, for digital publication, on the You’re On Film! Photography or other related websites, in photographic competitions, or private or public photographic art exhibits.


YOF Photographic Release_Property Release

This release is used when recognizable privately owned buildings, monuments, landmarks, or other architectural structures are utilized in stock photos.

Standard gallery photos are not licensed for use in a manner which may be considered offensive to a reasonable person as outlined in the Standard License Terms of Service (TOS) on this website.


If your intended use of any Image(s) purchased from the stock library exceeds one hundred thousand (100,000) reproductions in aggregate or does not specifically meet all of the allowable uses outlined in the Standard License Terms of Service (TOS), this Extended License Agreement must be completed prior to use of the Images.

YOF Photography Extended License_PDF